ReEnergise Geelong

Website Design & Development Proposal

Prepared by Code Nation

About Us

About Us

Who we are

Code Nation brings together years of experience working on campaigns in electoral politics, with NGOs, not-for profits and with sustainable businesses. We’re a young, creative agency with offices in Australia and Colombia and clients from across the world.

Our experience and speciality is combining communication strategy with the latest in digital tools. A great campaign is a compelling story, well told - we help you find your narrative and give you the platforms you need to motivate your community to action.

Why we do what we do

At Code Nation we know it’s communities that change the world we live in and make it a better place. We want to help progressive advocates of every type, from across the globe, be stronger. We want people to share more, learn more and create more in collectively building a sustainable future.

Our team is dedicated to equipping activist communities with the digital strategies and tools they need to reach their goals.

Making our small contribution to the big change you're bringing about is what gets us up in the mornings and keeps us working late at night.

Our Experience

Code Nation is a five-star rated NationBuilder creative agency - and the first accredited firm in Latin America. To this outstanding design and technical background we bring the strategic capacity to understand your campaign in context - so we can create the tools you need to pull it all together.

Our team has worked extensively with a wide range of non-profits and campaign organisations, which will serve as an anchor of understanding in meeting your unique needs and objectives.

Our past experience includes work in political campaigns for the the Australian Greens, the Colombian Greens, Sydney's independent Lord Mayor Clover Moore and various emerging parties and independents. Our work in the non-government sector has included support for GetUp, the Sydney Alliance, and other NGOs such as, WWF, AYCC and Friends of the Earth, as well as unions, community organisations and various social movements across the world, with a particular focus on climate change.

Examples of our work include:

Project Purpose

Project Purpose

The purpose of this project is to provide your team with the requisite tools and digital infrastructure required to continue building a vibrant solar and renewable energy industry in Geelong.

In order to achieve this, we will design and develop a renewed digital platform for ReEnergise Geelong, geared towards engaging and informing your supporters. Code Nation will deliver a new website and comprehensive style guide to:

  • Attract new supporters, including subscribers and donors
  • Share information about the work of ReEnergise Geelong
  • Simplify the process for content updates and enable your team to easily create, edit and customise pages through NationBuilder's user-friendly CMS
  • Integrate with social media and email communications to facilitate greater sharing of ReEnergise Geelong’s work and achievements
  • Lower barriers to action through ease of navigation and use
  • Show the power of ReEnergise Geelong’s work through social proof
  • Display complex information in an appealing and engaging way
  • Promote ReEnergise Geelong as well as its partners and ongoing projects
  • Direct website traffic towards taking action
  • Support access across desktop, tablet and mobile devices

World Class Design

World Class Design


The Code nation team will create a custom website design and style guide for ReEnergise Geelong, along with the various brand materials and social media designs outlined below.

Our unique design process includes all necessary iterations in order to ensure that the brand elements and website style meet with your full approval and best serve ReEnergise Geelong's specific needs.

1. Style Guide & Brand Identity

We will produce a full style guide that reflects the fresh, new ReEnergise Geelong design. This document will lay out the foundations of your revitalised brand and set clear guidelines for producing all additional design materials.

The new style guide will create a strong identity for ReEnergise Geelong to engage people more powerfully, capturing a vision of the positive, community-driven change that you're empowering.

2. Brand Materials

Our quote includes the following set of ReEnergise Geelong brand materials and creative:

  • Business cards - full creative to produce print-ready personalised business cards for each team member
  • Letterhead for ReEnergise correspondence and submissions
  • ReEnergise Geelong branded documents (including your community engagement one pager)

3. Social Media Images

We will work with the photography provided by the ReEnergise Geelong team, coupled with your new style guide and brand identity to produce the following social media materials and templates:

  • Banner images and profile pictures each optimised for use on Twitter and Facebook, and consistent with the new ReEnergise Geelong brand.
  • Shareable social media image templates. We will provide these as Adobe Illustrator and/or Photoshop files ready for reuse with new text and images for subsequent actions, moments or campaigns.

4. eNewsletter Design

The Code Nation team will design an eNewsletter template that allows you to send bulk email communications to your supporters and keep them informed about ReEnergise Geelong's latest updates.

Your custom website design will include a subscription management feature that empowers you to best target and personalise your newsletters to increase engagement. The subscription feature will allow your supporters to control their contact preferences and indicate their specific interests for use in targeting bulk email communications.

All development of the eNewsletter template will be completed inside NationBuilder's communications portal, and will observe the various best practices and restrictions of that system.

5. Website Creative

Our team will ensure that all website design choices will be informed by the full extent of available functions offered through the NationBuilder community organising system. The final site will be optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

The result will be an entirely custom website and brand created specifically for your objectives, underpinned by your unique organisational goals and enhanced by the best in digital design.

Website Development

Website Development


Our work combines the highest standards of modern web development with the latest in campaign strategy. You new custom site will be built for action, while utilising dynamic content for simple backend management. Your custom website theme will include:

  • A powerful digital toolset to communicate with your supporters and track their engagement across your website, social media and email updates
  • Use of social proof and case studies to motivate your community to take action.
  • A digital ladder of engagement that encourages supporters to gradually strengthen their connection with the ReEnergise Geelong community.
  • Full support for all NationBuilder action page types
  • Easy content management and moderation of all content sections across the site
  • Admin-only edit links for control panel users to navigate to the relevant backend section to make changes to the page they are viewing.

1. Custom Homepage

Your new website homepage will include fully-integrated streams of latest content and recent case studies as well as updates about ongoing projects. It will include any and all of the following sections you require, with content that can be easily managed through the backend:

  • About Us panel with text and full image / video support
  • Latest news feed with excerpt text and images, along with links to the full content
  • Prominent "subscribe for updates" form with custom data capture
  • Stream of most recent updates highlighting the latest updates
  • Custom twitter feed featuring your latest posts
  • Promotion of the various avenues for involvement (e.g. submit your story, subscribe for updates, complete the survey, etc.)
  • Share section with social media links
  • Panel highlighting relevant sponsors / partners
  • Footer / site map navigation

2. Core Content

The core content sections of your new site will include dynamic images, text and video content that supports easy backend management. This project includes the following range of sections, based on the needs outlined in your brief:

A) Main Sections

  • About Us
  • Our Vision
  • Who We Are
  • What We Do
  • Partners and sponsors
  • Flexibility to create additional content pages

B) Contact Us

  • Allow supporters to get in touch directly with the ReEnergise Geelong team
  • Contact form including full name, email address, enquiry / message, and other fields at your discretion.
  • A custom landing page with a personalised thank you message and success notification.

C) FAQs (optional)

This section will provide a full list of FAQs that support detailed answers with easy navigation between questions and an accordion feature to enhance the user experience.

D) Media Releases (optional)

  • A stream of featured press releases with editable multi-media and comments features
  • Optimised for videos / photos
  • Press release excerpts with thumbnail graphics, abridged content and links to the full release

E) Social Media Integration and Tools (optional)

  • Twitter content feed with custom design
  • Facebook page plugin implemented with responsive design
  • Supporter activities automatically integrated with ReEnergise Geelong social media accounts (e.g. to track your most powerful promoters online)

3. Stories of Change (case study blog)

This section will include a stream of the latest case studies, highlighting the positive stories from households and businesses in Geelong. The stories of change will be equipped with the following options:

  • Featured stories to highlight particularly relevant or timely case studies
  • Full support for easily-editable image, text and video content
  • Pull-out quotes that capture key messages reflecting the goals of ReEnergise Geelong

4. How to Get Going (tips & tricks)

This section will consist of a stream of technical articles and posts in a blog format. It will include possible issues to look out for, how to guides, latest updates on the region, information on upcoming projects and other relevant materials. The key features of this section are:

  • A blog-style feed of your most recent articles and updates
  • A filter option using tags to sort articles and updates by category and find content relevant to particular topics
  • Dynamic image, text and video content that supports easy backend management
  • Post excerpts including thumbnails, content snippets and button links to the full articles and content
  • Social media share buttons automatically generated for each post

5. Newsletter Subscription

Ensure your supporters are easily able to subscribe for updates through an optimised signup process. We will build a subscription process to capture relevant data from your supporters for easy use through NationBuilder's native bulk email toolset. ReEnergise Geelong's optimised signup / subscription process will include:

  • A signup form prominent on your new homepage, in addition to a dedicated signup / subscription page
  • Custom landing page and thank you notifications
  • Use of social proof to encourage signup (optional)
  • A subscription management page for supporters to indicate their areas of interest and subscribe for updates about specific topics (optional)
  • Prompts for social share or other actions in line with ReEnergise Geelong's goals
  • Full support for custom data collection and fields
  • Increased depth of social media integration through optimised sharing / promotion
  • Allow individuals to show their support by offering a paid membership plan that encourages ongoing donations (optional)

6. Survey

This survey could either be built with Survey Monkey or NationBuilder. We would advocate for the latter option, which would enable all actions and responses to be tracked in your central NationBuilder database. Additionally, your survey could include:

  • A prize draw with entrants tracked by a specific signup tag
  • Numerous questions in a multi-stage survey process
  • Data collection fully integrated within your NationBuilder account

7. Geelong's Generators

Proposed Timeline

Proposed Timeline

The following timeframes are indicative - comment periods will be iterative but this serves to give a sense of the time required to deliver the project.

Mon 15 Feb - Approval of project

Mon 29 Feb - First version of style guide, brand identity and website mockups completed by Code Nation

Wed 2 March - Revisions and feedback on initial design work provided by the ReEnergise Geelong team

Thurs 3 March to Thurs 10 March - Further iterations on creative submitted by Code Nation and revised by ReEnergise Geelong

Fri 11 March - Final style guide, brand identity and website mockups confirmed

Mon 14 March - Website development begins

Fri 18 March - First version of eNewsletter template and remaining design materials submitted for revision

Tues 22 March - Feedback provided by ReEnergise Geelong on additional design work

Fri 25 March - Final design materials completed by Code Nation

Mon 28 March - Development of eNewsletter template begins

Wed 30 March - eNewsletter development completed

Thurs 31 March - First live version of the new site provided for testing, proofing and revision

Thurs 7 April - Feedback incorporated in additional development iteration

Mon 11 April - Full site submitted for testing, proofing and revision

Fri 15 April - Website launched

Project Price

Project Price

This quote is based on the original scope of the work, as detailed in this proposal.

Fine Print

Fine Print

Costs exclude website hosting and domain fees; NationBuilder monthly pricing; image licensing fees; and ongoing technical support.

Payment will be made in two instalments, 50% upon commencement and 50% upon final project delivery.

Work outside or beyond the scope of this proposal will be charged at our standard hourly rate. The client will be advised and asked to approve any such additional hours.

Code Nation

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