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About Us

Who we are

Code Nation brings together years of experience working on campaigns in electoral politics, with NGOs, not-for profits and with sustainable businesses. We’re a young, creative agency with staff in Australia and Colombia and clients from across the world.

Our experience and speciality is combining communication strategy with the latest in digital tools. A great campaign is a compelling story, well told - we help you find your narrative and give you the platforms you need to motivate your community to action.

Why we do what we do

At Code Nation we believe that change is built from the bottom-up. We know that it’s communities that change the world we live in and make it a better place. We want to help progressive communities of every type, from across the globe, be stronger. We want people to share more, learn more and create more in collectively building a sustainable future.

Our team is dedicated to equipping activist communities with the digital strategies and tools they need to reach their goals. 

Making our small contribution to the big change that you’re going to bring about is what gets us up in the mornings and keeps us working late at night.

Our Experience

Code Nation is a five-star rated NationBuilder creative agency - and the first accredited firm in Latin America. To this outstanding design and technical background we bring the strategic capacity to understand your campaign in context - so we can create the tools you need to pull it all together.

Our team has worked extensively with a wide range of non-profits and campaign organisations, which will serve as an anchor of understanding in meeting your unique needs and objectives.

Our past experience includes work in political campaigns for the the Australian Greens, the Colombian Greens, Sydney's independent Lord Mayor Clover Moore and various emerging parties and independents. Our work in the non-government sector has included support for GetUp, the Sydney Alliance, and other NGOs such as, WWF, AYCC and Friends of the Earth, as well as unions, community organisations and various social movements across the world, with a particular focus on climate change.

Examples of our work include:

Project Purpose

Project Purpose

The purpose of this project is to provide Jenny Leong's campaign with the requisite tools and digital infrastructure to continue their work representing the people of Newtown. 

In order to achieve this, we will design and develop a renewed digital platform for Jenny Leong, geared towards engaging her members and supporters. Our design will have comprehensive support across all NationBuilder page types. 

Code Nation will deliver this digital platform to:

  • Give an overview of The Greens Values
  • Interact with constituents
  • Distribute information on portfolio issues and local issues
  • Give access to a record of Parliamentary work
  • Engage with the local community and activist groups
  • Provide a resource for media
  • Promote Jenny Leong and her ongoing projects
  • Lower barriers to action through ease of navigation and use
  • Direct website traffic towards taking action 

World Class Design

World Class Design

Our sites are built for a first-class user experience and crafted to support your campaign's ladder of engagement with targeted calls to action and user-specific content.

1. Wireframing and Content Organisation

This wireframing process will allow for full collaboration with Jenny Leong's team to produce a clear and coherent user flow throughout the site.

The site structure will recognise the need to provide complex information in a clear and engaging manner, while maintaining a personalised experience for supporters. 

2. Webpage Mockups and Site Design

The design will highlight The Green's campaign and guide users through information about Jenny Leong's work and current campaign issues.

The focus will be on providing the constituents with material and encouraging them to get involved with prominent calls to action. Our intuitive design will provide this information in a site that is easy to navigate.

3. Other Creative Content

It is critical that the website is visually stimulating to convey complex information in an engaging and understandable way. We will create a custom design that supports the numerous sections of the website.

The new site will deliver compelling calls to action with a strong visual appeal. Additionally, it will help give an overview of The Greens' values and promote the activities that Jenny has undertaken.

Website Development

Website Development

1. Online Activism

Our design will include a petition section that displays all current campaigns with downloadable resources including posters and hardcopy petitions for constituents. We will use dynamic adaptable petition forms that will allow signatories to share the petition across social media platforms. This will provide implicit support for The NSW Greens ladder of engagement and supporter journey.

2. Custom sign-up process

The custom sign-up process will allow targeted email blasts to reach constituents and keep them informed of Jenny Leong's ongoing work and to get them involved in campaigns, issues and events. We will build a subscription process to capture relevant data from your supporters for easy use through NationBuilder's native bulk email toolset. Jenny Leong's optimised signup / subscription process will include:

  • A signup form prominent on your new homepage and other content pages, in addition to a dedicated signup / subscription page
  • Custom landing page and thank you notifications
  • Use of social proof to encourage signup (optional)
  • A subscription management page for supporters to indicate their areas of interest and subscribe for updates about specific topics (optional)
  • Prompts for social share or other actions in line with Jenny Leong's goals
  • Full support for custom data collection and fields
  • Increased depth of social media integration through optimised sharing / promotion

3. Custom survey tool

As discussed in our call, we are currently building a custom app to extend NationBuilder's default survey tool. This app is due for completion in December 2016, at which point it will be available on a monthly subscription basis. It will enable:

  • Multiple survey questions on a single page
  • Public display of survey results
  • Custom data capture, including full support for all NationBuilder signup fields, with all data automatically tracked to your nation

4. Current information on campaign issues

This section will have a featured news tool to promote important campaign updates. It will consist of dynamic image and text content, with a feed of the latest blogs and news including links to campaign/specific issues.

5. Record of parliamentary work

Your new site will feature a compilation of all relevant videos, speeches and community recognition statements in order to promote Jenny's work and achievements.

6. Resources For Media

This section will allow constituents direct access to a range of media resources including an archive of press statements; current media articles about Jenny Leong; an overview of Jenny Leong's portfolio areas; and a section containing downloadable resources such as high resolution media photos.

7. Community & content

In this section constituents will have access to the Party's policy positions via fully supported videos, images and other multimedia with all content editable from the backend. Our design will have comprehensive support for all NationBuilder page types.

8. Social Media Integration

The site will provide increased depth of social media integration through optimised sharing and promotion. This will be delivered through the inclusion of dynamic social media content including:

  • a live stream of latest tweets
  • a feed of Instagram posts
  • fully responsive Facebook plugin

9. Featured Action Module

The featured action module will allow your team to include a sidebar with various options for supporters to engage with Jenny Leong's campaign. We will ensure this action module is 100% dynamic, so it can be configured on all content pages and blog posts.

The module will support petitions, signup forms, volunteer signup actions and button links promoting other pages for example campaign events and donation drives.

10. Email your local MP

Our design will provide support for "Email your MP" actions with a custom layout that supports CampaignNow or DoGooder action forms. These direct email campaign actions will allow your team to configure default email messages that can be personalised by constituents and emailed to their local MP (matched by postcode).

This function is not be provided natively through NationBuilder, but can be achieved with either of the third-party applications mentioned above (CampaignNow or DoGooder). We are able to offer CampaignNow services at a discounted rate, which includes all of the following features:

  • Unlimited campaigns and Users
  • 100,000 emails/month
  • Multiple campaign targets
  • NationBuilder data sync
  • Signup tags & point people
  • Landing page redirects
  • Complete design control
  • Fully white-label
  • Personal auto-responders
  • Custom form logic
  • Embeddable campaigns

Proposed Timeline

Proposed Timeline

The following timeframes are indicative - comment periods will be iterative but this serves to give a sense of the time required to deliver the project.

Mon, 10 Oct - Approval of project and provision of all necessary materials

Tues, 18 Oct - Initial design phase commences with feedback doc provided

Wed, 26 Oct - Completed design feedback doc submitted for implementation

Fri, 28 Oct - Revised design feedback doc implemented

Mon, 31 Oct - Final website design confirmed. Development phase commences

Mon, 14 Nov - Initial development provided for testing, proofing and revision

Wed, 16 Nov - Initial feedback doc completed. 

Mon, 21 Nov - Initial feedback doc implemented. Final feedback commences.

Mon, 28 Nov - Final development provided for testing, proofing and revision

Wed, 30 Nov - Final development feedback completed

Mon, 5 Dec - Final development feedback implemented

Mon, 19 Dec - Site Launched

Sun, 1 Jan - Retainer Commences

Project Price

Project Price

All pricing based on the original scope of work, as detailed in this proposal.

Fine Print

Fine Print

Costs exclude website hosting and domain fees; NationBuilder monthly pricing; image licensing fees; and ongoing technical support.

Payment will be made in two instalments, 50% upon commencement and 50% upon final project delivery.

Work outside or beyond the scope of this proposal will be charged at our standard hourly rate. The client will be advised and asked to approve any such additional hours.

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