Climate Strategies Accelerator (CSA)

Proposal for Brand Design, Website Design & Website Development

Prepared by Code Nation

Our Work

Who we are

Code Nation has years of experience working on campaigns in electoral politics, with NGOs, nonprofits and sustainable businesses. We’re an international creative agency with staff in Australia and Colombia and clients worldwide. We work exclusively on projects that align with our values and beliefs, and we are particularly focussed on causes that support renewable energy projects and combat climate change.

Our experience and expertise is combining communication strategy with the latest in digital tools. Successful digital organising centres on a compelling story. We will help CSA reshape their narrative and create the platforms you need to engage with your community and achieve your goals.

Why we do what we do

At Code Nation we know it’s communities that change the world we live in and make it a better place. We help progressive advocates of all kinds from across the world to become stronger, more organised and better connected with their communities. We want people to share more, learn more and believe more in the collective construction of a sustainable future.

We strongly believe in CSA’s mission to support new ideas and drive game-changing shifts through collaborative innovation. Similarly, our team is dedicated to equipping progressive communities with the digital strategies and tools they need to achieve their goals. Making our small contribution to the big change clients like CSA achieve is what gets us up in the mornings and keeps us working late at night.

Our Experience

Code Nation is a five-star rated NationBuilder creative agency, plus the most-reviewed and highest-rated partner on that digital organising platform from anywhere in the world. We're also a featured agency on other powerful CMS platforms, including our showcases on Forestry and our popular Ruby on Rails web applications. To this outstanding design and technical background we bring the strategic capacity to understand your organisation in context - so we can create the tools you need to achieve your goals.

Our past experience includes work in political campaigns for the the Australian Greens, the Colombian Greens, Sydney's independent Lord Mayor Clover Moore and various emerging parties and independents. Our work in the non-government sector has included support for GetUp, the Sydney Alliance, and other NGOs such as, WWF, AYCC and Friends of the Earth, as well as unions, community organisations and various social movements across the world, with a particular focus on climate change.

Recent Project Examples

  • Creating a cutting-edge marketing site to help Good Chat TV connect with new organisations and ensure their important cause-based stories are powerfully presented and widely shared:
  • Leading the digital design and development of the #StopAdaniAlliance, a collection of incredible groups representing 1.5 million Australians working together to stop the proposed Carmichael coal mine:
  • Directing GetUp's rebrand to update their online presence through a new digital organising platform:
  • Powering a consumer activist movement that has encouraged 50,000 Australians to switch to cleaner energy:
  • Growing a community of millions of solar supporters to grow and protect solar in Australia:

Purpose & objectives

Project purpose

The primary purposes of this project a to:

  1. Update the CSA brand and voice with a specially-crafted design to accompany the new name;
  2. Craft a strong visual identify for your work, complete with a new website design;
  3. Create the user-friendly digital infrastructure you need to continue expanding your recruitment of outstanding award recipients;
  4. Empower your team to easily manage your new digital presence and support them to use the site in engaging with a growing community of partners and potential recruits.

Core Objectives & Deliverables

Code Nation will deliver this updated brand, digital design, website development and support package in order to achieve the following core objectives:

  • Create an engaging and professional design that is compelling but sophisticated.
  • Support CSA's transition to their new process of identifying and selecting grantees on a rolling basis.
  • Appeal to audiences across the globe, particularly those in key demographics and priority geographies.
  • Help partners act as recruiters by providing concrete examples of the leader and project types that CSA is looking to support, and by outlining the requirements and process for making investments.
  • Direct potential candidates for investment to quickly and easily determine whether they are a good fit for the program.
  • Provide clear and accessible information about the CSA and its opportunities, as well as next steps that potential partners and applicants can take.
  • Showcase compelling stories of existing grantees detailing their vision and achievements, including through the integration of video content and other multimedia.
  • Allow supporters to stay up to date with CSA through a simple signup form.
  • Organise incoming leads and requests through an online contact form.
  • Empower partners to provide all relevant information about potential applicants through a structured nomination process. If useful, it would also be possible to open this process further and enable potential awardees to directly register their interest through an application process.
  • Integrate with social media to include all the latest activity across channels and highlight the power of the movement through social proof.
  • Support internationalisation and custom translation through industry-leading tools (e.g. Bablic). We can even handle the translation of core content into Spanish if you wish!
  • Simplify the process for content updates and enable your team to easily create, edit and customise pages through a user-friendly CMS.
  • Ensure CSA staff have the capacity to maintain and update their new website in a user-friendly manner, with minimal training.
  • Deliver a responsive design with support across desktop, tablet and mobile.
  • Lower barriers to action and comprehension through ease of navigation and use on all leading platforms and devices.

Our Methodology & Project Plan

Our Methodology

We pride ourselves on delivering all work in a highly collaborative manner to incorporate your ongoing suggestions, feedback and revisions.

Our team includes staff capable of both world-class design as well as cutting-edge development so there's no separation between the teams working with you every step of the way.

We will invite you to create an account within the project management tool that we use internally, so you will have direct access to each member of our team and you'll be able to see our ongoing discussions while we meet each of your project objectives. This additional level of insight and transparency allows you to stay in control of the project and up-to-date on the latest progress each step of the way.

Iterative Design

Brand design

We will provide you with a brief survey to guide the creation of the new CSA brand, which will use the new organisation name once it has been selected. Those survey questions have been crafted to cover the central points that will inform the brand creation process.

The Code Nation team will then provide early concept ideas for your review based on those initial survey questions. We can also review those based on your initial feedback and suggestions. Once you have identified your preferred concept through that iterative process we will create the full brand design for your review.

Website mockups

Our sites are built for a first-class user experience (UX) and crafted to support each client's specific needs. The Code Nation team will provide you with PDF mockups during the website design process and, where appropriate, we will supplement those with interactive mockups using AdobeXD. Revisions during the site design process will allow for your feedback to ensure our visions are aligned and to finalise the purpose and function of each page.

We also have the capacity to simultaneously create the brand design and website mockups if required to meet key project deadlines.

Planning Process

We will guide you through the process of structuring your site based on the content you wish to share and the core actions and information that should be prioritised for each different audience accessing the site. This planning process will allow for full collaboration with your team to produce a clear and coherent user flow throughout the site.

The new CSA website design will drive new partners to join, support existing partners in growing your recruitment efforts and help potential awardees self-assess whether they are a good fit for the program.

Revisions & Timelines

We endeavour to include all necessary design revisions to ensure you are 100% happy with the final look and feel of your new brand, logo and website design. We are committed to involving you and your team in our revision processes as much and as directly as appropriate.

The timelines included in this proposal outline key stages for review throughout the design process, and indicate an estimate timeframe for each key milestone. We can support additional rounds of revision beyond those factored into the current timelines, but it will ultimately cause delays in project completion.

Website Development


We will deploy your new website to a staging server right from the beginning of the development process. This allows us to share the temporary link to the site while it is under construction so you can track progress and provide feedback. This is particularly useful for the functions and interactive elements that are harder to fully appreciate in the design process.

We are able to deliver this added level of transparency as we actively deploy new versions of your site multiple times per week while it is under construction. This means you can check in regularly to see the latest and let us know if you have any questions.

Code Reviews

We utilise an agile development process to deliver each of our website projects. As part of this methodology we ensure that each new addition to the codebase is always reviewed internally by a fellow developer on our team. This oversight and review process allows us to double-check all new features, ensure they behave as expected and address any potential issues before the code is deployed.

Community Engagement & Content Management

Our websites combine the highest standards of modern web development with the latest strategies in digital organising and community-building. Your custom website theme will include a powerful digital toolset to engage with your audience and track their activity across your website.

Your new site will utilise dynamic content for simple backend management. You will be given the access to edit and update all content sections across the site, as well as the capacity to add new pages to the using the templates we will create.

Content Upload Process

Code Nation will handle the initial process of uploading all content and images you provide so you can concentrate on sharing your feedback and suggestions directly within our review processes while the site is being developed.

This will also ensure your learning process is much simpler while you become familiar with the new content management system. Ultimately you will be able to concentrate on editing, updating and reviewing the site content for launch, and you can learn the process of adding new pages, sections and translations once the site is live.

Training & Ongoing Support

Code Nation will provide ongoing training and support to ensure that CSA staff are able to capitalise on their new website and leverage it to engage with their community of core partners and potential awardees. We have currently budgeted for 15 hours per month during the period March to May 2018, which can include the following (according to how you wish to allocate the available hours):

  1. Preparation of materials: we can prepare documentation for your team with instructions on where content for each section can be edited through the content management system (CMS), and how to use the custom templates to create new pages or sections on the site.
  2. Focussed sessions: we can present teleconference sessions to allow CSA staff  to ask any outstanding questions and to help cement their knowledge and understanding in managing content, engagement and analytics.
  3. On-call help for web work: we will be available each month to help the CSA team use the new site and add extensions or additional features as desired. This assistance can include website development support, data-management advice as well as any  coding/programming for customised needs or integrations.

Detailed Timelines

Detailed Timelines

The following timeframes are indicative - comment periods will be iterative but this outlines the estimated time required to deliver the project through our collaborative approach. These timelines are based on project confirmation by Friday 5 January.


We will do

You will do

Getting acquainted

- 8 January

Meet with you and interview you about your organisational and brand identity, as well as options to improve your website and its core functions.

Provide us with all relevant design files and organisational mission statements that you have and/or examples of what you are looking for.

Getting prepared

- 8 January

Provide a proposal of the pages the website will include and their relevant functions, with a clear logic for the overall structure.

Confirm the proposal of website pages and functions and/or provide your input and suggestions.

Propose a new brand identity and voice

- 22 January

Provide an updated visual brand identity for review, including a new logo, font, colour palette and collateral.

Prepare a draft brand voice based on Jonas’ archetypes.

Comment on the new brand, indicating which parts you like and why.

Review explanations as to why we chose each particular option and idea.

Confirm the new brand identity

- 26 January

Apply your comments and questions into a finalised version of the visual identity and brand voice

Be ready to respond quickly in order to confirm your preferences and final design choices.

Creating the website design

- 29 January

Provide design mockups of the website including the application of the visual identity and the page structure, organisation, and functionality that you expect to see.

Provide input and decisions on which options you prefer and why. Send us any additional comments, feedback and suggestions you have to include in the design process.

Confirming the design & developing the site

- 6 Feb

We will provide you a finalised version of the site design applying your comments and suggestions. We will also send through a link to where you can track the live progress on the site as we begin development.

Confirm the final design as ready to build. Don't worry, you'll always have the option to make final tweaks as part of your pre-launch review of the developed site, or during the support period.

Live review

- 28 Feb

Have the English language section of the site ready to go live and apply your comments and changes to the site.

Send us all the relevant text and images for the site

Offer any comments or edits on the final version of the site.

Full website launch

- 14 March

Have the full website live and functioning with support for all languages where translations are available.

Provide all text and images for the site.

Provide comments and edits quickly and directly.

Here to help

- March to May 2018

Provide you with 15 hours of technical support per month to ensure you get the most out of your new site, and to add extra functions or features as required (if they fit within that timeframe)

Let us know what help you need or any extensions, integrations or other features that would be useful to support your work with the new site.

Project Budget

Project Budget

This quote is based on the original scope of the work, as detailed in this proposal.

Fine Print

Fine Print

Costs exclude website hosting, domain fees, image licensing fees, third-party software subscriptions and ongoing technical support beyond that specifically included.

Payment will be made in two instalments, 50% upon commencement and 50% upon final domain connection.

Work outside or beyond the scope of this proposal will be charged at our standard hourly rate. The client will be advised and asked to approve any such additional hours in advance.